Traits of a Disciple - Accept Christ's Teachings


Reflection Questions


- Do I love Christ fully? Does the way I live my life reflect my love for Christ?

- Do I believe in His teachings? Does the way I live my life and the decisions I make support my answer?

- Do I think it's important to know about Christ's teachings and the Catholic Faith?

- Do I want to learn more about Christ's teachings and the Catholic Faith?

- Do I think Christ's teachings are relevant to my life?

- Do I want to live my life like Christ lived His?


Examples of Action Steps


- Stay away from the dangerous thought that you can know enough about God and the Catholic Faith! 

- Become more familiar with the 10 Commandments, the Precepts of the Catholic Church, the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy and other teachings so you can live them out in your life.

- Commit yourself to growing in your faith as an individual. Check out the resources below that can be used at any time to learn more about the Faith, answer questions and grow in your understanding of Christ's teachings: Catechism of the Catholic Church, YouCat, Life Teen, Formed, Ascension Presents.

- Commit yourself to growing in your faith with others. Stay up to date on what is going on in the parish like Bible studies, events, talks, trips, retreats, etc. Check out the bulletin or stay updated with Flocknote notifications.

- Contact the Parish Office to inquire about getting together with friends in a small group if you aren't already! You can hang out with your friends and a mentor, talk about life, faith, God, relationships, etc. and discuss answers to some of your biggest questions.

- Commit yourself to growing in your faith at home and with your family. Spend time praying together, talking about the faith and attending Mass together. Parents can check out these resources too: Parent Life, Beyond the Pew.


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Accept Christ's Teachings

When you truly love Christ and decide to follow Him, you are also accepting His teachings as a way of life. To be a disciple means to accept the teachings of the Master and trust that they are good and true - even if they are difficult at times. Disciples do not get to pick and choose which of Christ's teachings they want to follow and which ones they want to disregard. When that is done, you are putting more trust in your own judgment rather than Christ's. To accept Christ's teachings though, we need to know them! This is why continued faith formation throughout a disciple's life is so important. There is such a danger in thinking that you know enough about God or the Catholic Faith or that you have already "put in your time" and no longer need to grow. When you truly love Christ, you should always strive to know Him and His teachings more fully! By knowing His teachings, you can look at your life through the eyes of Christ and live in the way He would.

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