Traits of a Disciple - Intentionally Pray


Reflection Questions


- Do I take the time to pray each day?

- Do I take time to try and listen to God?

- Do I think more about my will for my life or God's will for my life?

- Do I take part in the highest form of prayer, the Mass, each Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation?

- Do I desire to pray more?

- Am I willing to make an intentional decision to pray regularly?

- Am I familiar with different forms of prayer? Have I tried to incorporate them into my regular prayer time?


Examples of Action Steps


- Make the decision to take time each day to pray. Have questions about praying? Find some answers here.

- Be sure that you're taking part in the highest form of prayer there is, the mass, each Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation.

- Learn more about different forms of prayer: Liturgy of the Hours, the Rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet, Lectio Divina, Adoration, Scripture, verbal prayer, meditation, contemplation, Stations of the Cross, Novenas, Praise and Worship, etc.

- Try incorporating different forms of prayer into your prayer life.

- Get into the routine of praying with your family or asking others if they'd like you to pray for something specific. 


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Intentionally Pray

To keep up a healthy relationship with anyone, you must have regular communication with each other. Your relationship with the Lord is no different; you need to communicate with Him. It's through prayer that we can talk to God and we can do it at any time! Cultivating a prayer life takes effort, dedication and patience but over time, talking to Him and understanding when He speaks to you becomes easier. When you speak with the Lord regularly and work on listening to Him, your relationship will flourish! There are many ways that you can converse with the Lord and becoming familiar with the varieties of prayer can help you strengthen your relationship and communication with the Lord.

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