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When teens reach High School, they will be invited to continue to grow in their faith through a Discipleship module as opposed to regularly scheduled classes. Discipleship isn’t about passing a test or learning facts over a set number of years; it’s a life long journey where someone continues to deepen their relationship with Christ and commits to living their life like His. It reminds us that our Catholic Faith is something to be lived rather than just learned! Through the High School Youth Ministry, teens are provided with opportunites to encounter Christ and grow in an authentic relationship with Him. They are encouraged to take ownership of their faith life and supported in making active, conscious steps on their road to becoming a disciple of Christ. Teens learn what it means to be a disciple by immersing themselves in the life of the parish and getting involved in the different opportunites through the High School Youth Ministry.


While there are many avenues that teens can go down as they grow in their faith, the most important step on the road to Discipleship is weekly attendance at Mass. Attending Mass is a loving commandment from the Lord where we are able to come face to face with Jesus in the Eucharist. This invitation isn’t just for teens though; Christ wants all of us to encounter Him so families should attend Mass together each week!

Teen Small Groups

All of us have a desire to belong somewhere and to know that there are others that love and care for us, especially during our teenage years. This is exactly what Teen Small Groups are for; to provide an opportunity for peers to come together in a safe place where they can share their life and grown in the faith while receiving guidance and support from an adult mentor. Teen Small Groups are a foundational part of the High School Youth Ministry and all teens are greatly encouraged to be a part of one. If a teen is interested in joining a small group, please contact Rose Cassidy or fill out this form.

Liturgical Ministries

Ministry is a huge part of what it means to be a disciple and Liturgical Ministries are a very special kind. Teens can receive more information or sign up to be Altar Servers to assist on the altar, Lectors to read or a part of the Youth Choir to sing at Mass. 


As Christians, we are taught to love our neighbors and Christ shows us that the greatest act of love is done by dying to self and serving others. While teens have countless opportunities for service projects in their town and communities, they are also encouraged to take part in service projects that are offered at the Parish.

Personal Commitment

Our faith is all about a relationship with the Lord and while this relationship can be strengthened through community, there is also a crucial need for personal, time with God. Teens can commit to this one on one time in many ways: personal prayer, reading the Bible or other spiritual readings, learning about the Saints, celebrating the Sacraments, and so many more!

Parental Empowerment

We recognize the importance of parental involvement throughout the life of their child and want parents to understand that there is no program or person that can take their place! As a Parish, we want to do everything we can to empower parents and help them strengthen their own faith so they can fulfill the commitment they made at their child’s baptism to raise their child in the faith.


Teens receive the Sacrament of Confirmation based on readiness, not age or grade at St. Ambrose Parish. If a teen is actively involved in the Parish, has completed 9th grade, has a desire to be Confirmed and continue growing in his/her faith, he/she should contact Rose or Father Turner for a meeting. If a teen is prepared to begin, he/she will start 8-10 weeks of preparation for Confirmation. Confirmation is not the end of the journey for teens’ faith formation, but simply one of many steps he/she should take throughout his/her life. During a teen’s preparation for Confirmation and after being Confirmed, teens are expected to continue their involvement in the High School Youth Ministry.


If a teen is interested in being a part of the High School Youth Ministry, please contact Rose Cassidy. Teens and parents will be kept up with the Youth Ministry through text and/or email via Flocknote.


Rose Cassidy

Youth Minister

203-484-0403 ext. 307

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