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Do you believe in God? Yes? No? Maybe?

Registration for Alpha is Now Open

Alpha is your chance to explore the meaning to life.

Who is Alpha For?

Alpha is for anyone, of any faith or no faith.

Its for people who have never been to church, for those who come to church on just major holidays and for those who come to church often but have never really understood the basics of Christian faith. Its for anyone exploring questions about the existence of God, the purpose of life or the claims of Jesus. Its also for those who seek a deeper relationship with Him. Everyone is welcome, including those who don’t know Jesus and those who don’t believe in God.

What Happens at Alpha?

Over a series of ten sessions you’ll find out about the basics of the Christian faith. Each  session involves dinner, a main video or talk and some time in a small group to say as much or as little as you like about what you think and to ask questions.

It’s fun, relaxed and free, and you can ask anything you like (that’s why over 25 million people worldwide have tried it.)

How do I reserve my spot?

Register here to reserve your spot now. Space is limited. Alpha begins February 27 on Wednesday evenings.



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